500g Risotto


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This balance between smoothness, firmness and flavour absorption capacity makes it the ideal rice for risottos or any other preparation requiring well-segregated grains and well-distributed flavours such as arancinis and rice salad. Carnaroli rice is ideal for refined dishes, and even the less experienced will succeed in making excellent risotto. Its long, rounded grains characterize Carnaroli rice, often described as “the king of Italian rice”. The starch it contains is the richest in amylose, a substance that helps to make the grain firm to the core and gives it excellent cooking properties. The grains therefore maintain an excellent absorption capacity, and the loss of nutritional value during cooking is kept to a minimum. The starch also gives this rice its creamy side, which is so delicious in risotto.

The entire production process is environmentally friendly and does not use any preservatives or modified atmospheres to maintain the freshness of the products.

Location of origin: Lucedio Abbey, Trino, Piedmont, Italy