Dried Truffles


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Soak the dried truffles for 5 minutes in water, cream, milk or broth, then impress your guests by topping your pasta or risotto with these thin slices that will have regained the look of fresh truffles.

These black truffles of the Tuber æstivum Vitt. variety, also called summer truffles, come from Italy's Abruzzo region. These rare mushrooms, difficult to cultivate, grow in the soil at the foot of some trees, such as oak trees and hazelnut trees. They are harvested with the help of dogs or pigs, who can locate them thanks to their keen sense of smell. Found only in Europe during a brief season, these truffles are finely sliced and dehydrated after they are picked, ensuring their availability year-round.

Location of origin: Roccascalegna, Abruzzo, Italy