La Sublime
Organic Herbal Infusion

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Wild rose, camomile and citronella scents are in harmony in this herbal infusion.

Ingredients: camomile, citronella, wild rose. (Matricaria recutita, Cymbopogon citratus, Rosa spp)


  • Aromatic notes: Floral and Herbal
  • Certified by Ecocert Canada
  • Concentration of antioxydants: 472 μmol / 250 ml


    • Quantity / 250 ml of water: 2 tea spoon or 3g
    • Infusion temperature: 90°C
    • Infusion time: 5 - 7 min

    Box of 10 teabags: Each box contains 10 teabags made from herbal fiber which are approved by the most strict standards in the food industry (FDA/EU). Nylon is not used.

    Bag of 65g