L'Apaisante Organic Tea
Bag of 20g


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This colorfol herbal tea blends marigold, agastache, amaranth and leaves of lemon balm.

The pinkish liquor is smooth and creamy. Its powerful aniseed flavour is tempered by a fine citrus zest. This tea is perfect for new tasters. 

The synergy of the four plants creates a calming effect on the digestive and nervous system. It is recommended in cases of stress, nervousness, insomnia and irritability.

Ingredients: amaranth*, agastache*, calendula*, lemon balm*. Amanranthus hyponchondriacus, Agastache rugosa, Calendula officinalis, Melissa officinalis)


 This bag contains 20g of tea.


  • Aromatic notes: Fruity, Herbal and Floral


    • Quantity / 250 ml of water: 2 tea spoon
    • Infusion temperature: 90°C
    • Infusion time: 5 - 7 min