Villevieille AOC
500ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Oil featuring a slight bitterness, with generous notes of slightly peppery red fruit and almonds as well as a hint of cocoa.

The Coopérative Oléicole de Sommières was founded in 1929, when the peasant community became aware of the benefits of solidarity. The Coopérative buys the harvest from members who are committed to respecting a demanding set of specifications. This allows for consistent high quality, since each small-scale producer can give the olives more care than is possible with a large operation.

Composition: Picholines, Negrettes
Location of origin: Camargue, France
Delicate Aroma
Altitude: 100 m
Acidity 0.23; Peroxydes 5.0; Polyphenols 520