Yerba Mate Organic Tea
Bag of 454g

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This Yerba Mate is certified organic and comes from a small production in Brazil. Made from the leaves of a plant of the holly species.

Yerba Mate is a traditional beverage in many South American countries. It has a herbal and bitter taste which is an experience itself. Thanks to its stimulant properties, it is perfect for students and people who want to stay energized for hours.

This bag contains 454g of tea.


  • Aromatic notes: Herbal and Woody
  • Certified by Ecocert Canada
  • Concentration in caffeine: 13 Mg / cup of tea


    • Quantity / 250 ml of water: 1 tea spoon
    • Infusion temperature: 85°C
    • Infusion time: 3 - 4 min