About Us

RoseWillie contributes to the well-being of Canadians by making home and family entertainment accessible.

March 2020. As international tourism takes a break, our team of 7 international event organizers must reinvent themselves.

Like many people, we turned to cooking, homey pleasures and local artisan products to take advantage of this imposed break. We found that while some markets were well served, others had serious gaps.

Shopping online for puzzles was painful and obtaining gourmet foods could be difficult. On the other hand, our local economy suffered from the problems caused by multinational e-commerce companies. Other ways had to be explored.

On December 1st, 2020, RoseWillie takes off and is an instant success. The demand for puzzles is exploding and the number of orders is increasing rapidly. All of our shipments are expedited quickly, and our service is a testament to our years of experience with high-expectation customers.

In early 2021, RoseWillie announced the creation of the medical supplies category, followed by the LEGO category. Expansion into new categories is a major part of our business model. You can visit our upcoming products here.

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