Cove Manor Echoes
2000-Piece Puzzle


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Cove Manor Echoes

What is beautiful and new today, time and neglect will strip away in this “Cove Manor Echoes” puzzle!

Cove Manor was once a beautiful retreat, but time has ravaged it almost beyond recognition! What message is this “then and now” illustration expressing? Is it inevitable that nothing lasts forever or will the echoes of a past era remain? Or perhaps the intriguing scene reminds us that everything, and everyone, needs care and attention to flourish. Why not take care of yourself today by spending some time relaxing with the “Cove Manor Echoes” puzzle and leave the stress of the day in the past!

Publisher: Ravensburger
2000-Piece Puzzle
Puzzle Dimensions: 98 x 75 cm

UPC: 4005556174645