Comique XXXL 10 ans JvH Studio
1000-Piece Puzzle


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XXXL - 10 years JvH Studio - 30200 piece

Publisher: Jumbo
Artist: Jan van Haasteren
30 200-Piece Puzzle ( 10 x 3162 Piece)

The puzzle consists of 10 different puzzles of 3162 pieces. These puzzles each come in a separate bag and box. So you can decide to make each puzzle separately. But the 10 puzzles can also be put together as a whole. To do this, remove all the edge pieces of the 10 puzzles; except for the outer edge. And they you have 1 big puzzle of 30,200 pieces.

So you can decide for yourself whether you calmly make one puzzle at a time. Or.... you start by throwing the 10 bags of puzzle pieces together in 1 big sorting bin! The choice is yours!

The titles of the puzzles are:

1. The Kitchen

2. The Storm

3. The Farm Visit

4. The Oasis

5. The Pop Festival

6. The Winery

7. The Retirement Home

8. Holiday jitters

9. The Dutch craft market

10. New puzzle (image and title to be announced on 7 May).

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